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current interests

doctorgeek - is there life after academic administration? visit my business website to find out. you'd never know from this iWeb site that I'm a professional web developer. the business site has an online portfolio with some recent web sites jobs.

feministgeek - is there a way to pursue one's academic interests while developing a business? yes. this site was unveiled at the 2005 Berkshire Conference on the History of Women session on "Crossing Geography, Culture, and Time with Technology: Engaging in Women's and Gender History @ the Turn of the 21st Century". I’m grateful for the support of the UCLA Center for the Study of Women to develop the site. along these lines, you may want to visit the site that I designed for the Western Association of Women Historians. My favorite page captures our 2007 annual conference.

trivia - online journal that publishes feminist writing in the form of literary essays, experimental prose, poetry, translations, and reviews. I redesigned the site @ issue 3 and served as web publisher for issues 3-9.

project sister family services - sexual assault crisis & prevention services - board of directors and web publisher

scripps college personal web page

history lesson

Sometimes these links work, sometimes not....

what happens to web pages when they change or disappear? the sites below and much more are preserved online in The WayBack Machine's archive at the Internet Archives.

for example, you can visit the Cal Poly Pomona Faculty Computing Support web site as it existed on september 29, 2002 here. you can explore the site navigation links “down” a surprising number of levels. if you wait long enough, sometimes the old Flash masthead still works.

here are some of my favorites from the Cal Poly Pomona WayBack Machine archives:

• personal university web site - from April 1999 - November 2004 index, or view my final Cal Poly Pomona personal website

June 1997 - Cal Poly Pomona's *first* totally on-line history course. learn more about the campus’ first Digital Summer Session here

1999 Faculty Computing Support site - when Faculty Computing was part of the Faculty Center for Professional Development

2001 Faculty Computing Support Center site - after Faculty Computing became its own department

2002 (Asian & Pacific Islanders) name pronunciation guide -  site developed to help the campus community more accurately pronounce some common Asian first and last names

one of the last Faculty Computing Support Center sites, november 2002

2003 I&IT Learning website - after the Faculty Computing Support Center merged with several other academic technology units on campus.

photography - projects include Blessed Are These Hands, Flickr photos, CampUs 2007, China 2006 & 2005, maybe more.

blessed are these hands - a photographic essay about contemporary values: women holding something they consider sacred, holy, an outward representation of their deepest self. In collaboration with Marvelle Thompson.

women in photography international profile

legal contender ~ Victoria C. Woodhull - article about the first woman who ran for President of the US, in 1872!

professional development for online instruction - article about best and bad practices for helping college faculty to teach effectively and joyfully with instructional technology.

family wedding site - a labor of love

history 202 - site for a course I taught during winter 2005; "security" was really important on campus so it was easier to grab my own domain and keep this site on an off-campus host.

historic interests

To the annoyance of some, the links open up in a new browser window.

HERS - Bryn Mawr - unofficial homepage for the Class of 2002 Bryn Mawr Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration